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What Is the Anti-Diet?

What’s the worst part about dieting? Giving up the foods you love. But what if we told you that depriving yourself of your favorite foods is the wrong way to diet? Kelsey Miller, founder of the Anti-Diet Project, has been…

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P90X® Certification Training Workshop

On Sunday, March 26, 2017, you can become a certified P90X® LIVE instructor when you take our certification training workshop! P90X®, or Power 90 Extreme, LIVE is a group-focused total-body strength and cardio class that incorporates proven principles from personal…

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Superfoods to Eat in 2017

Eat this, not that! At the start of each new year, health food trends begin to emerge. These “superfoods” are often rich in vitamins, nutrients and are beneficial for overall health and wellness. What foods are popular to eat in…

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